Your PhD Coach Book

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Published by McGraw Hill/Open University, Your PhD Coach invites you to apply self-coaching techniques to your PhD experience.  Using reflection, challenges and vignettes, we start with establishing core foundations to work with each day in your PhD, and then offer chapters on finding balance, managing self-doubt, goal setting, being creative, finding focus, building relationships, personal resilience and self-leadership. Click here to find out more.

“Medd and Gill go deep into the under the skin of what it is like to do a PhD, pull out the reality of the operation and offer some sound advice. They provide effective techniques to bust the ‘gremlins’ ‘ the voices in the head – that can haunt postgraduate researchers and diminish the research experience. I urge all research students (and supervisors) to read this very accessible book. It will help them reflect deeper into their research experience and help build confidence in themselves and (re)gain satisfaction in their work and studies.” Dr Richard Hinchcliffe, Academic Development, Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Liverpool, UK

“Coaching empowered me to reclaim my PhD and this book will enable many more students to do the same. Will Medd and Jeff Gill have a deep understanding of the PhD process and students reading this book, at any stage in their PhD, will find themselves thinking ‘Wow, that is exactly how I feel!’ The book challenges the inevitability of the ‘PhD steam-roller’ and its comfortable and chatty tone creates a friendly guide for those struggling with the demands of a PhD and inspiration for those who want to get the most from the whole experience.” Beth Brockett, PhD Student, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University, UK