PhD Self-Leadership Workshops

One-day interactive workshops that enable you to apply and develop self-leadership skills in your research.

Through coaching techniques that challenge you to live your values, make the most of your potential and tap into your inner resources, the workshop will help you shape your PhD experience and take responsibility for what you get out of it. You will come out of the workshop with some introductory self-coaching tools as well as a commitment to make the changes that you identify as important.

These workshops are often funded by Universities or specific departments – contact us if you’d like us to offer one at your University or join our mailing list if you’d like to here about opportunities to join a workshop.

Previous participants said:

“Absolutely fantastic, enjoyable, stimulating, refreshing and helpful”

“Thanks to Jeff and Will for creating a lively, interactive, challenging and fun event it was much appreciated”.

“I came out of the workshop feeling much more positive, less overwhelmed”

“A lifeline at a time when I was really struggling”

“One of the most enjoyable PhD sessions I have attended”

“Great facilitators who really complement each other well”


“Overall it was a brilliant day”