Peer-2-Peer Coaching Skills

Provides participants with core coaching skills and techniques to enable them to thrive in their research while developing important skills for the future. The programme involves working directly on your own PhD and Life goals while learning a coaching skills set.

The emphasis of the programme is in enabling participants to use coaching skills in conversations with their peers as well as self-coaching. This provides PhD students with a skill set that can enhance their own research performance, enhance what they gain from other training programmes, as well as enhance their employability.

By participating in the programme individuals also build supportive networks and positive collaborations with other PhD students reducing the sense of isolation often felt while doing a PhD.

These workshops are often funded by Universities or specific departments  – contact us if you’d like us to offer one at your University or join our mailing list if you’d like to here about opportunities to join a programme.

Previous participants described the programme as “excellent”,  “very Helpful”, ‘really interesting’, ‘challenging and exciting’,  ‘outstanding’  and ‘the best yet’:

“If I hadn’t taken this programme I think I would be carrying on trying to squeeze more time and energy out of what there already is – and I suppose possibly then extending my PhD into infinity”

“It wasn’t simply meeting other students that really made the coaching stand out, but that in doing this, we were able to reflect upon and improve our own PhD experiences. Like adding colour or depth to a flat monochrome photograph. For me, coaching has been the very definition of enhancing my student experience. “

“After the workshops I declared my intention to put in a paper for [a] conference next year.  I have since written the paper and have been invited for it to be included in a symposium submission”

 “The PhD can be one boring, long, draining effort and motivation is ever diminishing, but by focusing on the end results, piece by piece I’m progressing at a rate that I can monitor and be proud of getting the results.”

“Meetings with supervisor became better – now I can use time of our supervision meeting more effectively. I feel more motivated because I learnt how to deal with problems, which usually decreased my motivation”

“I’m not on my own feeling like this and that I can be the catalyst for positive change.”

“Fantastic. I have learnt a lot and met some great people. Will and Jeff you are amazing!”

“I don’t want to let this slide or let the feeling go. Thanks very much indeed!”