One to one coaching

One-to-one coaching

Personalised coaching to meet your particular needs and agenda.

Whether you are struggling, mulling along or wanting to achieve more, coaching is about unlocking your potential to enable you to achieve your goals. Coaching provokes you to find your own answers. Coaching encourages, supports and challenges you in making important choices towards realising your ambitions and taking action to achieve your goals.

PhD coaching really works on two levels.  The first is in creating a context to work with the PhD  in relation to you as a whole person. At this level coaching works on issues such as confidence, balance, responsibility, relationships, focus, the inner critic.   The second is that the focus is often on particular challenges you are facing in your PhD, for example exploring writing, fieldwork, analysis, presentations, supervision, feedback, networking, intellectual fitness etc..

“The coaching helped me to find a way forward when I was feeling overwhelmed, and enabled me to actually enjoy the last few months of my PhD!”

“My supervisors have remarked on how much more clarity am bringing to my project. I am also a lot more confident in sharing my work and asking for feedback. “

“The coaching helped me to find a way through/forward when I was feeling overwhelmed, and enabled me to actually enjoy the last few months of my PhD!”

“Coaching allowed me to realise that I am in control of my PhD and as a result has allowed me to work in a more efficient and effective way by giving me focus and by doing this improved my work life balance, which was my main goal. Having the coaching has changed my viewpoint on my PhD and has allowed me to live my life in the way I wish.”

‘A number of my PhD students have been coached by Will and they have each found it enormously valuable, helping them to see the wood for the trees and feel more confident about their work.  It has really helped them keep progress going through difficult periods and ultimately get through to a successful completion. The coaching seems to provide a powerful form of support outside of the relationship with the supervisor, and that is able to look in on that relationship and help make the best of it’ (PhD Supervisor)

Available by face to face, telephone and Skype.

As well as self-funding students have often used funding from their grants to pay for one-to-one coaching. For your supervisors, coaching will mean you are better skilled at managing your work leading to increased performance and better use of their time. That’s also important for you ensuring you complete on time.  For the University, coaching also provides a powerful approach to support you in career progression, by helping in clarifying your goals and in developing your self-management ‘tool-kit’ that is increasingly valued by employers. Some of these arguments are mapped out on the Vitae coaching pages written by Will .

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